About us

We provide conversational solutions using the channels that people demand. In this way, we improve the digital customer experience and increase business revenue.

Our founder

In the last 20 years, Franklin Marcelo, CEO of Flexi, has founded 8 ventures in the field of services and the technology and telecommunications sectors.

During this time, he has lived in the United States and Latin America and has learned about the gap in customer service that exists between this country and the region.

Franklin wants to bridge these gaps by sharing content about the importance of customer service and retention, and by providing technologies that further this goal.

All this to generate a positive impact on society.

Flexi captures this spirit and puts it into practice with an innovative proposal that includes the academic methodology of Stanford University to develop and scale subscription businesses.

Why was Flexi born?

Flexi is a startup incubated in Silicon Valley.

Its goal is to help business owners and managers get closer and get to know their customers in a more specific way through technologies that adapt to market changes and the needs of the public.

In fact, our name responds to this objective: we are a brand whose essence is the ability to adapt and change to the communication methods that exist today or tomorrow.

Adopting omnichannel platforms for efficient and human service with a focus on digital messaging is a cornerstone to achieve this purpose.

Telecommunications experience

We are a young brand, but we have the support and know-how of the Intergroup Digital Corporation, a business group with more than 20 years of experience in telecommunication services with scope in the region.

Our achievements

We have been in the market for 2 years

More than 200 people trust us

We reached Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States

We have a monthly growth of 23%

95% of our clients are satisfied with the service we offer

95% of our clients are satisfied with the service we offer

Our values

Everything starts and ends with people!

That is why our bases are established in:

We embrace the changes

Our experience in the technology sector has taught us to adapt quickly to the market.

We like people who propose and execute their own ideas.

We think globally

We were born in the mecca of entrepreneurship and innovation, thinking of impacting 1,000 million people.

We share a growth mentality with all our partners, clients and collaborators.

All with the same purpose, to improve customer service in Latin America!